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Meet Enrique Beltran

Enrique has been working in construction since he was a young man where he learned the old fashioned way, from his father. Growing up south of the border in Durango, Mexico, Enrique worked with his father in his contracting business.

  In 1989 Enrique was able to move to the United States where he worked in landscaping. His landscaping and contracting career got a boost in 1994 when he started   his own business, during which he was still working full-time as a general contractor. It was clear how passionate Enrique was, as he had a full-time crew working for him, even as he was working full-time himself. In 1997 his business had grown to the point that he was able to leave his job and focus on the company full-time. Initially the company focused on landscaping, but since then it has grown to include a full set of contractor services.

Licensed since 2004, Beltran Construction has worked on a number of residences from minor repair and major home improvements, to building condo complexes and other complete home development projects. Enrique is committed to building your dream home.


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Beltran Recent Projects

Nothing can assure customers more than seeing a construction professionals finished product.  We  hope you enjoy this photo gallery of Beltran Construction projects.  The projects are from right here in our San Diego community.  Hopefully this gallery exudes the quality you should expect from not only Beltran but possibly your current construction company.  Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Home Renter - Feb 2012
Enrique and his team at Beltran Construction are the consummate professionals. We had a severe shower leak that was causing mold issues and water damage...Read More

Home Owner - Sept 2011
Enrique Beltran gave us an accurate and thorough quote from the start. Throughout the project he made time to discuss details or clarify the progress of our project...Read More

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